Repeat business is essential to us.We are therefore dedicated to providing a first class service to compliment you and your organization.We promise you sincerity, continuity and commitment.

The ShaalTech Recruitment Agency

At The ShaalTech Recruitment Agency we are able to fill most of your open positions within two to five weeks. This reduces costs associated with the position staying open and also the cost of in-house recruitment. Our candidates are able to “hit the ground running” reducing post-hire downtime. Additionally the pricing of our services reflect the advances in technologies available to us today, as well as the efficiency our organization has achieved. We don’t have the overhead costs that traditional brick and mortar locations have and the savings is passed down to our clients, keeping our prices competitive. Hiring a recruitment agency to place candidates for you can be a hard decision to make especially since the downturn of the economy.What businesses have found is that using their human resources wisely saves them money and time, allowing them to remain more productive. Letting the “experts” in the industry take on that task for you allows you to operate your business without any interruptions. That’s why our goal is to focus on “quality” not “quantity” when it comes to filling job vacancies.

For The Employer

Today’s employer must realize the only thing that will keep their company competitive is the talent that lies within their workforce, not the products and services they sell because they can be easily duplicated. Talent is harder to duplicate…your human resources. As we stated The Fair Recruitment Agency’s firm belief is focusing on quality, not quantity. That means matching the right person to the right position, not merely filling a vacancy. We also believe that hiring a recruiter to do the job for you really does save you time and money. All rates are individually negotiated with the client and tailored to their needs. We have access to an array of job board sites, as well as posting your position(s) on our very own website. Our qualifications and training makes it possible for us to penetrate those avenues in search of the right candidate. We follow through effectively by applying our company-developed selection and evaluation process. Furthermore we develop a relationship with our candidates in order to understand their needs better. Therefore, candidates we place are more likely to stay at their positions. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or we will replace your candidate free of charge!

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For The Job Seeker

The journey in landing any job usually starts with your résumé, unless you have a direct referral. However, most of us are not lucky enough to get a direct referral to land a job, we have to do it the old fashioned way; the résumé leads to the interview which leads to the job.

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